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Instant virtual controller 6.4 802.1x

Collegs, need your advice!


as i know virtual controller Aruba instant of IAP-93 didn's suport sum functions starting from 6.4.x.x-4.1.x.x releases:


Reintroducing IAP-92/93 in Aruba Instant and future 6.4.x.x-4.1.x.x


Support for IAP-92/93 is reintroduced in Instant and will continue in future 6.4.x.x-4.1.x.x

releases. However, the following features are no longer available for IAP-92/93 in 6.4.x.x-4.1.x.x releases:

l AirGroup

l Internal RADIUS server for 802.1x authentication

l EAP Termination

l Authentication Survivability

l LLDP integration

The features listed above may be configured through Instant CLI/Web UI and AirWave Management Platform,

but will have no effect on IAP-92/93. In a cluster running Instant 6.4.x.x-4.1.x.x, only IAP-92/93 will have the

above limitations.

In order to conserve memory, IAP-92/93 is now restricted to a single active CLI session, either through a

console, SSH, or telnet. An error message "All CLI sessions are in use" is displayed if the user attempts to

open multiple sessions.



the question is: "will Internal RADIUS server for 802.1x authentication" works if it will be configured on IAP-103/IAP-205 as a virtual controller in the same claster with IAP-93?

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Re: Instant virtual controller 6.4 802.1x

"In a cluster running Instant 6.4.x.x-4.1.x.x, only IAP-92/93 will have the

above limitations."


The questions is, you are taking a chance that a user will roam to an IAP-92/93 and not be able to authenticate...  Is that what you want to do?

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