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Intel Dual-Band 7265-N constantly dropping connection on AP-205 (EAPOL key exchange issue?)


We have an Aruba network setup with a 3200 controller and AP-205's spread around the building.  There is a wireless laptop lab of Dell 3350's that have the Intel Dual-Band 7265-N, running 64bit Windows 10.  These laptops can connect to 3 different AP-205's around them.  There are other model systems connecting to these same APs with no issues, so it is isolated to this 7265-N NIC.  They can use the internet/network but users are complaining of intermittent connectivity issues and in their taskbar wifi icon of 'no internet connectivity' even though it is connected to the AP. If you go into Airwave and look at the clients' association history, they are constantly dropping connection from one AP and connecting to another.  Most of the time these are in exactly 10 minute increments (example: 9:18, connects to #1 AP, 9:28, connects to #2 AP, 9:38 connects to another, etc etc.).

The 'signal quality' line graph for the clients show a very choppy connection.


If you go into the Event Viewer for the client laptops they show numerous entries for 6105 - deauth after EAPOL key exchange sequence


Fixes I have tried that do not work include:


-Updating the NIC driver for 7265.  I have tried old and new versions of the driver and using versions for Win10/Win8/Win7 and none fix the issue.

-Updating the BIOS on the laptops

-Disabling bluetooth on the NICs

-Swapping out the AP 205 in that room in case it was faulty

-Set roaming to low, use only 20HZ and B/G frequency.


The only thing that has fixed our issue is replacing the AP-205 in that room with one of our old AP-105s.  The clients now connect consistently with the 105 and the 'signal quality' graph is a nice steady line.


That basically boils it down, in my opinion, to some sort of issue between the AP205 and the 7265-N adapter in regards to EAPOL key exchange/authentication (since event viewer showed that).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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