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Interpreting some of the dashboard metrics

Hi there,


I wonder if someone could assist me with interpretting a couple of the AP metrics on the 6.1 dashoard. (See attached).


For the RX data frames (heard from other radios) ,

Do i take 100% (x/x) to mean 100% of x frames have been heard from other APs? - ie co-channel interference

or ?


And following on, how is the interference % calculated. would 50% mean  1/2 the airtime unavailable? or?


These could be potentially useful stats if I could find out exactly what they mean - especially if I could use the RX Data Frames stat to guage CCI. 




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Re: Interpreting some of the dashboard metrics

If you click on "Help" in the upper right hand corner, all of the green column headings will be clickable with explanations.


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Re: Interpreting some of the dashboard metrics

For interference - The percentage of time utilized by interference signals in the channel. Interference signals may be non-WiFi traffic or Wi-Fi traffic in adjacent channels or co-channels that are not decoded as Wi-Fi signals.


For the Rx frames - The percentage of time taken for receiving frames from the AP in 60 seconds.

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Re: Interpreting some of the dashboard metrics

Thanks cjoseph... didn't spot the "help with this item" before.


So the interference is pretty clear, we're talking the % of time the phyical CCA says "energy detected, but no meaningful packets.


The second one, "RX frames..." implies co-channel interference... i think!


Kudos earnt for *politely* pointing me in the direction of in built help :)

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