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Issue after upgrade to

Currently have two 6000 controllers and two 3200 controllers.  All of the controllers except for one has had no issue upgrading to the firmware.


I upgraded to from and on one of the 3200 controllers I am having a bit of issues with it.  I upgraded the controller and was not able to access the webpage or SSH after the controller came back online.  I was able to ping the controller though.


I have accessed the controller via the console and completely blown away the config, re-setup the interfaces at least to get it onto the network, added another user than just the admin account..etc..  I can plug the controller in and watch the interface start to ping from my workstation.  After a few minutes, I am able to access the webpage and login through both the admin and added usernames.  I can SSH into the controller as well.  After 2-3 minutes, when I click on a link in webpage (say the configuration tab or something in the menu), I get an error from my browser stating I can no longer access the web page.  Nothing from then on happens.  I can't SSH anymore, can't browse the webpages of the controller.  The other admin here is able to SSH into the controller and then after 2-3 minutes...they basically get booted out of the controller and can no longer access it either; through the webpage or SSH.


Any ideas or suggestions?  Note: I have completely cleared the config already to default settings and set controller back up only on the interface where I need access to the network and added a username to the device.  That's it.

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Re: Issue after upgrade to

Please open a support case...

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Issue after upgrade to

Hmmm, the only time I've seen that kind of odd behavior is when I had a duplicate IP address in my lab.  You might want to rule that out.

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Re: Issue after upgrade to

same subnet, different IP.  The other 3200 works just fine as configured.  This one has a duplicate configuration aside from the differnt IP address.

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