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Issues while gaming on wireless

Has anyone received feedback from users about lags or even drops while gaming on wireless?

We support gaming consoles on a "devices" SSID  (PSK and MAC auth). We're trying to resolve reports from a user with a new PS4 Pro who is experiencing issues while gaming. It was reported that during a 3 hour gaming session the user experiences about 8 lags and 4-5 disconnects. Apparently most issues occur right after power up then smooth out. Lags are described as freezes for a few seconds which auto-correct. Disconnects are described as the whole console losing connectivity and a "Retest Network Connection" is required to get it working again (though time might also be a factor in getting it back on).  Logs show the devices jumps APs every now and then but we haven't been able to match this up to the user's experience yet. Our eduroam and open (CP) SSID seem to working ok. Client density does not seem to be a factor and the user reports great speeds. Client Health seems fine. Our eduroam and open (CP) SSIDs seem to working ok but there is the usual RF imperfections associated with res halls. I hesitate to make global RF profile changes that may affect the other VAPs.

Are reports of gaming lag on enterprise wireless common or the exception? What's the first things to check to identify where the lag comes from? Should roaming introduce lag or can that occur lag free?  I realize we're talking UDP here..

The PS4 is currently in user debug and we've asking the user to record timestamps to try to corroborate logged events.


Any advice about how to make gaming consoles happy would be appreciated.



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