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LAG/LACP on Outdoor 375 & 377 using Copper SFP

I am using the 370 series APs and want to plug in 2 cables to the AP.  As there is a GbE copper port and an SFP port, I wanted to put the other cable into the SFP port and turn on lacp ("lacp enable").


Two questions with this:

1. Is there an SFP that will work for copper GbE in this instance? The ordering guide only includes fiber ones

2. Will LAG/LACP work on these two ports in this fashion? I would imagine so, but just want to confirm.




From the ordering guide:

- Q8N52A SFP-LX Extended Temperature 1000BASE-LX SFP 1310nm LC Connector Pluggable GbE XCVR

- Q8N53A SFP-SX Extended Temperature 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm LC Connector Pluggable GbE XCVR

- And the Q8N54A strain relief/connector gland kit which should be purchased in tandem.

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Re: LAG/LACP on Outdoor 375 & 377 using Copper SFP

Does someone from Aruba know if LAG/LACP will work between the two ports on a 370-series AP?

If so, are there recommended copper 1GbE SFP's for these?

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