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LAG in AP-335?

Hi Folks,

I am configuring LAG in Aruba AP-335 and wanted to know the behavior of traffic flow and load balancing in LAG. I am using Cisco switch 3850 and created LACP port-channel on the switch. I read the Aruba documents regarding configuring LACP on access points and  configured according to it on Aruba controller. The LMS IP is the IP of the controller and GRE Striping IP is I confirmed the LACP is working fine by checking the LACP ap status on the controller as well as on switch. I have tested both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.


I am seeing the Tx bytes flow on Cisco switch secondary port which is connected to Eth1 of AP and Rx is on the primary port which connected to ETH 0 of the AP. There is no load balancing of Tx and Rx bytes on both ports.  Is that an expected flow of traffic ?

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Re: LAG in AP-335?

Has anyone deployed LACP on AP-335? People are buying these AP for m-gig and LACP capabilities not awar that if you LAG eth0 and eth1 you only get 2 gb throughput and not the m-gig + eth1 1gig. Can some one verify please??

I'm not talking GRE stripping. just good old port bonding.

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