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Least disruptive way to change subnet mask on Aruba7210

Hi all;


We are using Aruba 7210s to control around 900 basestations. I need to change the subnet mask (not the IP number) of the management interface due to an earlier configuration mistake. Specifically change from to I am wondering if changing this will cause the controller interface to restart and hence all of the basestations will restart? Or worse will I have to restart the controller?


Would it be least disruptive to change the configuration from the GUI or CLI at the console? I should say all of the basestations have their management IP on the same subnet as the management interface.


Just trying to get a feel for the best way to get this done.

Re: Least disruptive way to change subnet mask on Aruba7210

You might open a TAC case for this one.


I just tried in my lab and the problem you have is that you cannot set the controller-ip on any interface:

(Aruba7005-1) (config) #interface vlan 31
(Aruba7005-1) (config-subif)#ip address
Error:IP Address Matches the master ip

Which means that you probably need to:

  • Change the controller-ip to another VLAN
  • Reboot
  • Change the ip/subnet
  • Change the controller-ip back to your (changed) VLAN.
  • Reboot

Which is quite interruptive. TAC may see a different option.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Least disruptive way to change subnet mask on Aruba7210

Hi Herman;


Thank-you so much for trying this for me; that's so good of you.


Looking at the behaviour of the controller it's not unlike the HP (cough I mean Aruba) Procurve switches. I suppose I could type:


#interface vlan 31
#no ip address
#ip address

#wr mem


... but then that of course would interupt the controller's network connectivity which is of course what I'm trying to avoid.


Even if the GUI approach worked with one click all that will do would be to write out the commands in a similar way as above I would imagine.


I will ask TAC as you suggest. See what they say. 



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