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Limits of controller captive portal

What are the limitations of using the captive portal built into the controller?


We would like to use the captive portal for our guest access.  It would be an open network, however, users would be required to register with their e-mail address.  This is at a hospital so at any one time, there could be roughly 1500 people connected.


Our plan was to move to clearpass, however, that was not in the budget this year so we're looking at plan B.



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Re: Limits of controller captive portal

"How many" is typically a function of how many simultaneous users try to access the captive portal at the same time. There is a parameter in the Captive Portal Authentication profile which will give users a countdown timer when the number of sessions drive the CPU too high. You can keep track of the number of users and utilization by using the "show web-server statistics" command: http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_65x_WebHelp/Web_Help_Index.htm#ArubaFrameStyles/1CommandList/showwebserver.htm?Highlight=Web-server

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