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Locating an Access Point

Greetings. Any tips for locating an access point's physical location by looking at info on the controller or access point. I know I can run ARP MAC tables but I'd have many switches and that could take awhile. Is there any where in the APs info where is can see neigboring access points or something like that?

Thanks for any info.


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Re: Locating an Access Point

On the commandline, you can type: "show ap monitor ap-list ap-name <name of access point>".  That will provide a list of access points that the access point can see and the average RSSI (signal strength).  You can then attempt to locate that AP by the access points that have the strongest signal relative to that AP.




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Re: Locating an Access Point

THank you! I was able to pull up the listing and I can obviously see where the closest 5 Access Points are....except...it displays the BSSIDS and I've yet to find how I can seach for which AP is using that BSSID. I can see the BSSIDs of a radio by looking at the 'Overview" of it in the web interface but that's the only place I've found to view it. Any further thoughts?

Thank you again for the help!!

Re: Locating an Access Point

Using the CLI, you can type show ap bss-table bssid bssid_here which will give you the AP name for that BSSID.

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Re: Locating an Access Point

THank you VERY much!! Worked perfectly!

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