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Logging on Aruba Controllers

Does Aruba have recommended way to setup logging on their controllers? What I mean is do you set everything to a certain level for all categories

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Re: Logging on Aruba Controllers

I do not believe there is a recommended setting because each environment varies.  All depends on what you want to receive.



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Re: Logging on Aruba Controllers

As Mike said, there is no Aruba "standard" logging setup due to the huge number of different customer requirements. 


I, however, think the default levels are sufficient unless I am troubleshooting an issue.  Then, if it is a general issue, I will set the correct log to the debugging and watch it.  If it is a user issue, I will turn on debugging for a particular user (all logs) and watch what happens.


I do know that setting the logs too granular (too much logging) tends to be a bad idea due to the sheer number of messages received. 

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Re: Logging on Aruba Controllers

I just use debugging when I need it and always try to send to a syslog server. After that I use grep, awk, and more (etc) and this really works for me. I guess I tried to work out what kind of CPU penalty I was prepared to take versus what I wanted to record... not sure if that helps!
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