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MM-VA L3 redundancy + KVM setup question

Two Questions


We have two 7030 controllers I want to run as a cluster for load balancing. We have a Primary MM-VA on esxi in a datacenter and a Secondary MM-VA located onsite at our office running on KVM

I’m assuming L3 redundancy is the best way to go in which case we would setup a primary and a secondary with no standby since those would require layer 2 connection correct?

We have site-to-site VPN active between office and datacenter using Palo Alto Firewalls.

We also have a second office coming online at some point.

Is it ok to have a primary master and secondary with no standby?

Do I need to use VPNC in the controllers for anything?

What’s the deal with BoC?

Is it ok to have MDs offsite?



When I setup MM-VA on KVM the docs say you need two physical NICs and three virtual but when I am setting it up it insists on having three NICs and won’t continue the setup. Is there something I’m missing?

Any help would be appreciated.



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