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MOBILITY controller setting for voice

hello Airheads,

our customer would like to deploy a mobile phone app to use the wireless infrastructure (2.4GHZ\5GHz).

They already have an Aruba WLAN (MOBILITY CONTROLLER) and would like to know how they can ensure

good QOS and traffic prioritization for the phones running this app. It is the Shoretel communicator app and the

voice gateway i believe will be hosted local to the site.

Thanks in advance Pete


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Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

If I understand this correclty, app is basically a VoIP softphone.

Therefore you canrefer to the "Voice over IP (VoIP) Deployment with Aruba Mobility Access Switch application note" when setting up the network.

The practices in this appnote should applicable to the VoIP traffic from that smartphone app, just the same as from any other VoIP client.

You can find the document here: http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/VoIPwMASAppNote-20120726.pdf

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Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

thanks for reply not really what i am looking for.

I am looking for a start to finish set up on an Aruba controller to include the ssid settings in the vap,

WMM through to the DSCP settings. I have been through the controller user guide but i was just wondering

if a design ref guide was available.




Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

The link made above is likely the best source short of manually peicing the parts you need together out of the UG. WMM, DSCP, etc are all covered there.

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Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

you guys sure the read the document? it is mainly about how to connect wired voip phones, there really is nothing on DSCP, WMM, and wireless things for voice.

Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

spend some more time collecting info (see below), the high level principles are clear, would be nice to have some specific tips and caveats.


voice on RAPs (title says controller, but chapter 2 clearly says Best Practices for Voice Deployment at Remote Sites):

voice on wired networks (mainly on detecting phones and setting up pc behind phone):

high level VoWLAN document:

table 19 in this document comes the closest to actual "configure these" advise:

this is probably a very useful document if you were at the session, now it again points to things but without the context it is difficult to judge the exact actions needed:

were those break out sessions taped?

serie of 4 best practices information (high level, no config) from 2011

serie of 4 planning information (high level, no config) orginally from 2007

Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

All the links given below are broken. Can the fresh links be refreshed concerning this problem statement.
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Re: MOBILITY controller setting for voice

All the links in the post right above yours work.  Which link are you referring to?


Alternatively, you can do a search for anything related and should be able to find what you want.

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