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MST200 available channels?


I have a pair of MST200 routers set up as a mesh point-to-point link. This is for extending the wired network in lack of cabling between two locations. The users have some complaints about instabilities sitting on the wireless side of the link. When looking at the logs we see that we have some issues with radar detection. My first thought was to change to a none DFS channel. Strangely enough when I go to Wireless settings -> Radio -> Channel List -> Select, I can only choose channels from 100 to 140. "No DFS" channels are not listed. Could this be a regulatory limitation or radio hardware limitation? The radio card shows as ar9223 320mw.

Re: MST200 available channels?

What country?


Jerrod Howard
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Re: MST200 available channels?

Hi Jerrod,

The MST is configured for EU (European Union country). We are located in Norway, but "NO" doesn't exist as a regulatory domain in the MST200 configuration.

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Re: MST200 available channels?

Ok. This is a little embarrassing. When checking the allowed outdoor channels for EU, lower channels as 36 – 48 is listed as indoor only. I guess MST200 is targeted for outdoor use. So this is probably a regulatory limitation..


However the story has taken another twist. After changing the regulatory domain a couple of times the Mesh router has now become inaccessible. The last thing I managed to do before losing contact was clicking apply after changing the regulatory domain the last time. It will not answer it’s configured IP address anymore. We see a MAC address on the switch port where the MST200 is connected, but no lldp neighbor information as before. Have tried to reboot it several times, but the result is the same. What could have happened? Is there a limited number of times the regulatory domain is allowed to be changed before the device becomes bricked ? :)

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