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Mac auth with Aruba IAP 225!

Hi All, Please help with below two queries.


1) I have a IAP 225 cluster and want to achieve MAC auth for 103 users. can i import all this mac from an specified format(e.g. in excel sheet etc). for ease of implementation.


2) i want users to get authenticated with mac as well as .1x. i.e a user should be given access only if he has a entry in mac as well as in radius server. Is that Possible? if yes please guide procedure as well.


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Mac auth with Aruba IAP 225!

Do you have ClearPass? 

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Re: Mac auth with Aruba IAP 225!

I don't believe this is possible as both require 802.1x authentication. There is an option to use either within IAP. But I haven't seen one for both.
Clear pass may offer this year type of options.
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Re: Mac auth with Aruba IAP 225!

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You can use both for your authentication.

for that you have to enable mac auth in IAP and then you have to add the mac id [remember in mac auth user name and password both are mac id] in authentication source

[for large implement is not a good idea to use both]

So at first user will complete mac auth then user auth..

mac auth.jpg


This does seem to describe it very well for Instant.



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Re: Mac auth with Aruba IAP 225!

Is there a limit to how many devices can be added with MAC authentication? Because I know there is a 128 limit to manually blacklisting.

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