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Master Redundancy and DHCP Server

HI Guys,
reading in the forum i found some interesting discussions about this argument but seems that anyone of these can answer to my question.


I have two 7030 controllers in master Redundancy.
Are configured in active-standby modality.


Well, i need to configure the DHCP server for clients on the controller.
The default gateway for the clients isn't the controller but a router so in case of the fault of the Active member, the traffic doesn't have problem.

but the dhcp lease?
the table that contains the association between IP and MAC is syncronized between controller?
or the client have to retake a ip? can i have duplicates IP?

I have to configure the DCHP Server on both controllers?

there is some guide that can help me to understand what is a cluster confugration and what isn't?

thanks in advance
Best regards

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Re: Master Redundancy and DHCP Server



You should use an external DHCP server, because dhcp scopes and lease information is not synchronized between a master and a standby.  A standby controller, even though it cannot serve access points, it can give out DHCP addresses when it is in standby, causing conflicts.  An external dhcp server will provide good reliability and consistency for client leases if they fail over to the standby controller.


The user table is not synchronized between standby and master.



Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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