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Master can't see local


  I just replaced one of the local controllers in one of my remote sites. It came back up, but after 10 mints it went down. There is not IPsec tunnel between the master and the local. It is good to know the following:

1- other 12 local contorllers are up and working.

2- no firewall between controllers. 

3- I am running and old code

4 - I did reboot the local controller, but nothing happen. 


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Re: Master can't see local

ON the master controller command line:

- Type "show switches" to see if you see that local controller

- type "show datapath session table <ip address of local controller>" to see if you see any traffic from that local controller.


You might have to reenter the master preshared key on the local controller to make sure it is correct (it will require a reboot).

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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