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Max Client Associations

I am seeing some strange behavior with respect to the limitation on the SSID profile of Max Client Associations. I currently have it set to the default value of 64 but in some cases, I am seeing far more than that on a single radio. I do see logs pointing to what I believe are association failures due to this default limit but it doesn't seem to be across the board. 


Log: Assoc failure: a4:b8:05:8a:bd:4a: AP Reason AP is resource constrained-Max Clients Associated.


Attached an imaged grabbed from AMP showing an instance where there are more associations than should be allowed. I did a search for the same log message from above for this AP and found nothing..




Any help in understanding this would be great. I know in some cases I will need to up that Max Association value but I need to know that the system is abiding by it in the first place..





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Re: Max Client Associations

If you run the below command it will confirm if the AP is enforcing the 64 client limit. You'll need to run this at the time you believe the limit is being reached.


#show ap association ap-name AP-xxxxxx

It is possible AMP is seeing a greater number of clients due to stagnate clients still being in the association table due to the user idle timeout value and the AMP polling period.

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Re: Max Client Associations

I will give that a try. I set up an AMP alert to let me know when an AP hits a high level of client associations. One question though, what am I looking for?


Num Clients:80
Total num of dual-band capable clients:77
Total num of dual-band capable clients in 2.4G band:12
Total num of dual-band capable clients in 5G band:65
Total num of single-band only clients:3



This indicates that there are over 64 clients on the 5G band but it could be multiple SSIDs.. 



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