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Maximum number of clients supported on an AP-215?

Hello all, I am receiving conflicting information and just need some clarification. What is the maximum number of clients that an AP-215 can support?


Here is what I think I know:

The maximum number of clients is configured on the SSID profile.

The default setting is 64 and configurable up to 255.



Since it's on the SSID profile, I took that to 64 clients. But does it mean 64 clients per radio (2.4 and 5)?


If I created 5 VAP's and 5 different SSID profiles, I could potentially have 5 x 64 = 320 clients (or 640 clients if the limit is per radio)?


Does the chipset have a client limitation?


This is all theory...I do not plan to configure this by any means, I just want to understand the settings and not real world throughput.


I did see the following links:









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Re: Maximum number of clients supported on an AP-215?

255 per radio is the physical limit although that's well above the recommended client capacity.


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