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Mesh Config Assistance

We will be setting up our softball field and baseball field up with WiFi service via Mesh.  We have ordered 4, 175 aps, 2 will be portals, and 2 will be points.


The two points will be offering client service on 2.4 and backhauling on 5.  


Does anyone have a config plan that will lead me through the setup?  I have read the 6.1 UG, and have setup Mesh Profile etc.  


When I provission the AP I assume it will auto disable the 5GHz antenna for client use and offer the client SSID only on 2.4?  I set the Mesh radio profile to use the "a band".

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Re: Mesh Config Assistance



Please open a TAC case and have them walk through it with you.


Dedicated roles (client or mesh) are the default.  We do support concurrent mesh/client on the same radio but I don't recommend it for performance reasons.


We have a Design Note that deals with PtP bridging.   Chapter 7 shows how to configure AP175 (e.g. ArubaOS).  This will give you most of what you need.





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