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Migrating from Aruba Instant to controller based solution

We have a site that is using Aruba Instant with four AP's.  When I click on one of the AP's, it indicates the Type is 215.  I'm a bit fuzzy on the difference between IAP's and normal ones.  

Our goal is to migrate the existing AP's on to a 7205 series controller.  To do this it looks like I can use the convert function, but wanted to check to make sure that the existing AP's had that capability.  Does anyone have a document I can review on the subject, or have experience doing what I'm attempting to?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Migrating from Aruba Instant to controller based solution

Instant APs function in clusters without a controller.  They can be converted so that you CAN use them WITH a controller.  If your instant AP has a covert tab, it can be converted.  You just need to make sure that when you convert the APs, the controller has the minimum software version to support your AP:



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