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Mode Aware Arm - Radio doesn't turn off

We are trying to use Mode-Aware ARM to reduce CCI in our deployment.


show ap arm history ap-name returns output like:

ARM History
Time of Change       Old Channel  New Channel  Old Power  New Power  Reason  Result
--------------       -----------  -----------  ---------  ---------  ------  ------
2017-09-13 11:51:48  0            1            0          12         ON      Configured
2017-09-13 11:51:44  11           0            6          0          OFF     Not accepted


We've seen messages that say both 'Not accepted' and 'Overridden' when ARM tries to disable the 2.4 GHz radio.


I haven't been able to find documentation that indicates a setting in the arm or rf profile that would prevent mode-aware ARM from turning the radio off. Profiles can be viewed in the attached text file.


This is using ArubaOS on a 7240 controller.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Mode Aware Arm - Radio doesn't turn off

Having the exact same issue running, coming from where it worked perfectly.  Have an open TAC case for this.

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Re: Mode Aware Arm - Radio doesn't turn off

ARM mode aware is very unpredictable.  Back in the day, it would be an easy way to turn off 2.4ghz access point radios if you really had too much coverage.  Frequently it would turn off too many access points and leave you without coverage in areas that you would need it.  It supposedly would detect an "edge" access point in your network and not turn it off, assuming you would need that on.  It would be slow to turn access points back on dynamically if coverage was reduced.  It never really worked the way it was intended and is more trouble that it is worth.


In the present day it would be far better to just lower the power on the 2.4ghz band by lowering the ARM min and max TX power.  If you wanted to manipulate ARM mode aware it is controlled by manipulating the Ideal Coverage Index, the Acceptable Coverage Index and the free channel index.  Unfortunately, that will also change how your access points are distributed, and what channels they are on.  I would never advise changing those parameters from the defaults in a typical environment, however.


Please see the ARM supplement here:  https://community.arubanetworks.com/aruba/attachments/aruba/unified-wired-wireless-access/7592/1/ARM%20Doc%20Supplement.pdf for more technical information about ARM.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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