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Monitor Traffic on APs



We are using Nagios to monitor our IT infrastructure. We have defined SNMP on controller and we can monitor controller bandwidth and other parameters. My question is:

Is there a way we can monitor or define SNMP on an access point to print MRTG (usage graphs) and different MIBs for a particular AP?


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Re: Monitor Traffic on APs

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Hi Farzan,

there is no SNMP agent on the APs. To monitor APs you need to query the controller, take a look into the WLSX-WLAN-MIB, specifically the wlanAPxxxxxxx OIDs, there are various ones there that can be used to view total or 'data' only components of AP, per SSID.


WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPRxDataPkts[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:88] = Counter32: 0
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPRxDataPkts[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:8a] = Counter32: 3238076
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPRxDataBytes[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:88] = Counter32: 0
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPRxDataBytes[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:8a] = Counter32: 471332178
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPTxDataPkts[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:88] = Counter32: 0
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPTxDataPkts[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:8a] = Counter32: 7273404
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPTxDataBytes[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:88] = Counter32: 0
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPTxDataBytes[STRING: 0:24:6c:ca:24:78][1][STRING: 0:24:6c:22:47:8a] = Counter32: 4261269375





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