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NAS IP address used in master-redundancy configuration



I have a 7240 controller with master-masterstandby setup. We are using VRRP IP address as a master IP address for the AP. we are also having external radius server for 802.1X authentication. 


Should i use VRRP IP address as a Radius client IP address on the radius server side? If not, then should i configure two radius clients for each controller with their physical IP address?



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Re: NAS IP address used in master-redundancy configuration

You should configure two separate radius clients in your radius server.  The NAS ip address in the Controller could be left blank or configured, but the client ip address in the radius server should be the ip source of the radius traffic.


Lastly, the VRRP is for inbounds traffic, not outgoing traffic like radius.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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