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Next Gen WiFi 802.11ax

I understand the groups are being put together for 802.11ax. I was wondering if anyone has any information on backward compatibility. Could the protocol version actualy see a bit flip. While I undestand it will be full-duplex, still so many questions .. I suppose we will see the WiFi alliance first with something. Rumor is 3 - 4 years out? Anyone hearing anything on it ?

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Re: Next Gen WiFi 802.11ax

Not much data on it on the web. This is the only reliable data I see. http://www.ieee802.org/11/Reports/hew_update.htm

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Re: Next Gen WiFi 802.11ax

May have already saw this but if not,there is some good reading here. Not verified information but good reading. Mentions an acheived throughput of 10.53 Gb using MIMI-OFDA by a Chinease .11ax workgroup.

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