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No authentication found trying to de-authenticate to BSSID

Seeing this message numerous times a day across our enterprise (e.g. 27,200 in 12 hours). One group of telemetry devices are having issues that when I see this message it repeats about 15 times in the same second. They get  hung and have to be powered down. I am assuming this is a problem between the device and the radius server.but is that number normal?

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Re: No authentication found trying to de-authenticate to BSSID

This means that the device is not in the user table, but we received a deauth from the device.  I would type "show auth-tracebuf mac <mac address of device>" to see what is going on.  If you have devices in user-debug, "show auth-tracebuf" will only show for those devices.  If you have no devices in there, "show auth-tracebuf" will show for all devices.  It would be best to turn on user-debug for that device or those devices:


config t

logging level debugging user-debug <mac address of device>


Type "show debug" to see what devices you have in user-debug.


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