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Number of total clients (2.4 and 5 combined) seems to stuck at 32.

I have an AP that seems to limiting the total number of clients (2.4 and 5 combined) to 32.  The 2.4 and 5 numbers fluctuate but always total 32.  I have about 60 people in the room.  Most of them are being forced to other access points.  I have checked the max associations and it is still at 64 for each radio.  I think this is a new problem today.  I had many more associations yesterday.  Is there some other setting that has been inadvertantly set.

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Re: Number of total clients (2.4 and 5 combined) seems to stuck at 32.



What version of ArubaOS is this?  If you are running ArubaOS 6.3 and above, Clientmatch could be load balancing them to other access points.


Type show ap arm state ap-name <name of ap in the room> and we can see how many access points are in that AP's "neighborhood" that clients might be load balanced among...


Also, what is the power of your access points?  If it is too high, (more than 18), clients might still find APs outside the room attractive enough to be on.


We have a problem when the utilization, not necessarily the number of clients is too high...

You should be able to tell the RF utilization of that access point from the Dashboard Tab on your controller.


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Aruba Customer Engineering

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