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Optimizing for Lync

I have a 650 controller running ArubaOS and I am trying to optimize my environment for a soon comming Microsoft Lync deployment that will be used as our new phone and video conferencing service. I found Aruba's solution guide but I am having some issues finding somethings it is telling me to enable.  The two I am stuck on at the moment are:


- Enable Dynamic Multicast Optimization on the SSID

- Enable Band Steering for clients that associate to the SSID


I am sure I will have many more questions as I work through this guide but these seem to be what I am stuck on at this time. Any help would be much appreciated.


Here is a link to the document I am working from: http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/solutions/SG_DeployMicrosoftLync.pdf




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Re: Optimizing for Lync

If you click on the Virtual AP name in either AP Configuration or All Profiles, you should see those two options under the "Broadcast/Multicast" and "RF" sections.





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Re: Optimizing for Lync

Wow. Dont know how i missed that. Thanks for the help!

Re: Optimizing for Lync

The guide mentions setting broadcast/multicast optomisations in the VAP and also mcast-rate-optomisation in the ssid profile, so you shouldn't tick the 'drop bc/mc'.


Band steering good to do though.

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