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Outdoor AP via coax POE

Howdy all,

I am currently considering an outdoor only implementation using a potential mix of AP-360, 370 and 270.


I have a vendor claiming they have a coax product they've used that would make this installation much easier.  No product link yet to share.  But, obviously, it needs to be able to support 1Gbs and POE+ at our required distances.


Essentially, it pulls the power and data from the existing POE+ switch and transmits over coax.  The plan is to use either RG-6 (minimum) or RG-11.  Most runs will be between 500-800ft.


On paper it looks like a great plan.  But... has anyone here tried POE over coax successfully on any scale with this type of outdoor AP?  What bad scenario with this setup should I consider?   Thanks all.

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