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Please help

OK so Ive been dropped in the role of administrering the wireless infrastructure and am waiting for some training in the aruba system. until then I need to figure out a few things any help would be much appreciated. I have multipe ssid's 1 with wpa2 enterprise auth and user roles that I got the hang of pretty good.


I have a ssid with WEP encryption and was wondering what user roles and policies are applied to that sside ? where do i look to see how this is linked ?



thanks all.



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Re: Please help

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Please check the aaa profile mapped to the the Virtual AP. the user should fall into initial role of the aaa profile for psk.

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Re: Please help

The initial role is set to Authenticated? in the firewall policies -> User Roles -> authenticated policy has any any 


does this mean the ssid is putting everyody on the authenticated  policy with any any  ?


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Re: Please help

yes, if that is the setting that would happen.


easiest way to check is just to connect yourself and check what you end up in.

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