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QOS for WhatsApp



Currently I've succesfully implemented QOS for Skype4B and Facetime on both a controller-based and IAP environment, based on the Aruba user guide documentation which is very helpfull.

As lots of users within the company are using Whatsapp, I want to implement QOS for this app as well.


Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything on this in the Aruba documentation.

After some investigation on the internet, I found out that WhatsApp is using the following communication ports:


TCP 80

TCP 443

TCP 4244
TCP 5222
TCP 5223
TCP 5228
TCP 5242
UDP 3478
UDP 45395
TCP/UDP 50318
TCP/UDP 59234


As some of these ports are overlaping (TCP 5223 and UDP 3478) with Skype4B and Facetime, I'm wondering what would be the way to configure this without having the Aruba WLAN mixing up QOS application assignment/categorization as similar ports are being used by different apps.

Also, it would be great if the destination network can be configured to define a more specific policy (ALG).

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