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RAP uplink quality check



Is there a way to see the quality of the link between a remote accesspoint and the controller? I'm working with a customer who uses lots of RAPs behind weak links such as 3G/4G/DSL etc. When users call and complain about performance it would be really neat to have a way to see what kind of uplink speed the RAP is having to determine if it's the uplink choking or if there's some other problem.


Is there such a command/Airwave feature?



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Re: RAP uplink quality check

Unfortunately NO.


But one pointer you can use is RSSI value. You can find this in the output of "show ap debug usb ap-name <ap-name>"


Probably, if RSSI is too low, the connectivity might take a hit.

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Re: RAP uplink quality check

That's a good tip with the APs that use a modem directly mounted. Do you know any trick for RAP5s that are connected with wire into a 3/4G modem/router?

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Re: RAP uplink quality check

If anything, you could ping the inner ip address of the AP to determine responsiveness.


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