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RAP2WG Throughput

Hi All,


I can't see from the documentation what the encrypted throughput of the RAP2WG is... Can someone point me in the right direction please?


I've been told before that it's 4Mb/s but can't find anything to back this up.





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Re: RAP2WG Throughput

You are pretty close with the specification you mention in real-life scenarios.   


It fits well with the broadband connections that were the dominant speed at the time of the release of the RAP-2... and even today I see all kinds of broadband connectivity at, for instance, 3Mbps:1Mbps (xDSL)...e.g. the RAP-2 handles that and a bit more full encrypted.


That being said, for locations that need more encrypted throughput, I have put the RAP-5 into place.

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Re: RAP2WG Throughput

And now, what is being tossed around for the RAP-3WN please?

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Re: RAP2WG Throughput

The RAP-3WN supports an encrypted throughput of up to at least 20Mbps.

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