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RFProtect ssid blocking

Our controllers have RFProtect license and we only want to allow few ssids. What should we configure in order for us to allow those few ssid? Thank you!

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Re: RFProtect ssid blocking

When you say "only allow a few SSIDs", what do you mean?


Also please be aware that at least in the U.S. wireless containment can be illegal.  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Wireless-Access/The-FCC-has-clarified-their-stance-on-wireless-containment-but/m-p/226286/highlight/true#M46120  Please check your own local laws or with an attorney.

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Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: RFProtect ssid blocking

Allowing them to connect only to known ssids thats what i mean
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