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Rate limiting on Campus AP

Hi all,

could someone tell me where exactly is rate limiting performed in case it is configured on user role basis with campus AP terminating his GRE on controller?

Is it done on controller after decapsulation from GRE tunnel? Or is there any way to limit it already on AP before encapsulating user data into GRE to save uplink bandwidth towards controller?




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Re: Rate limiting on Campus AP

It is done on the controller unfortunately. It cannot be configured any other way.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Aruba Employee

Re: Rate limiting on Campus AP

Hi cjoseph,

I was thinkig about it and I would say that for TCP it should be ok even if it is done on controller only. Thx to TCP behavior size of the packets will be setup dynamically between user and his destinations if traffic shaping is done on controler.


Unfortunatelly it is not a case for UDP.

Anyway probably we are not able to do anything for UDP case here.



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