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Restoring root login to AirWave AMP virtual appliance post upgrade

Post upgrade to from 8.2.3 installed the AirWave Managment menu shell and account (default ampadmin) but also disabled root login via ssh and console. That doesn't fly with me. To re-enable root logons after an upgrade, simply shut down the appliance and boot into a live CD environment like Sysrescue or any other Live CD/DVD, and mount the root parition of the AMP appliance. Edit the <mount/point/etc/passwd file replacing <mount/point> with where ever you mounted the AMP appliance's root partition and find the root account string, usually first line and remove the /sbin/nologin and replace it with /bin/bash. Save and reboot. This should restore root logins while maintaining the ampadmin "menu" option. Another option or in addition to that, you can install Webmin which will provide another way to manage the underlying Linux system. Note that if you still have an active root login i.e. you haven't rebooted or logged out after the upgrade, you can just edit /etc/passwd and not have to mount the root partition etc. 

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