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Roaming possible between Airwave managed IAP clusters

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Dear Community,


i'am looking for a solution for a special case.


Imagine if you were able to implement a project where a customer has rented several internet access lines (100MBit/s) along a shopping street. Each Line  (breakout) has it's own Router und LAN. You'll have an Accesspoint in each of this "internet access locations (ial)". Let us assume that each ial forms a zone and borders to the next. 


All the APs should run as Instant AP without Controller, because the traffic should be bridged out, firewalled and web filtered locally.


Users musst be authenticated by Clearpass CaptivePortal.


The customer's requirement is that the end users Devices can stream without interruption videos as they walk along the street.


I never tried roaming in such a case. 


Is it possible to sync the user-sessions between iap cluster?

What are the restrictions and prerequisites?

Any other possible solutions?


Thanks in advance 



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Re: Roaming possible between Airwave managed IAP clusters

If the ISP is different between clusters, the public address will be different.  On the face of it, that will not be possible because the server will always see the traffic from different ISPs as a different session...

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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