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SSH Problems

I've having trouble with ssh (putty). If I try and open a session it acts weird. As expected it prompts for username. Next it displays the banner, then it prompts for password. This is where us behaves oddly. It will not display any characters and the session drops. "Server unexpectedly dropped connection" is the error I receive.


I've checked all I knew to look at but past the ssh auth method I don't know what else to check out.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SSH Problems

Does this happen via the console, or no?

Are you authenticating the username and password locally or to an external radius or tacacs server?


Colin Joseph
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Re: SSH Problems

Hi Friend,


Which client OS you are using ?

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: SSH Problems

Sorry guys having trouble with email reply.


Cjoseph: A hard console is fine it behaves correctly. The auth is local at the moment.


dhanraj: the client os is win7, putty ver .63, and AOS is


Thanks guys

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Re: SSH Problems

It's all internal at this point. We are trending to external but not at
this moment.

Should have mentioned that to start with.

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Re: SSH Problems

Windows 7, putty .63, Aos

Thanks guys
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Re: SSH Problems

Jamie E

might be stuck ssh sessions - especially if you have any scripts around that log into the controller which may not be exiting gracefully. Please run


show loginsessions


if you see a whole list of sessions, you can try the following from the console


process restart sshd


which will restart sshd and clear things up. Restarting sshd will cause the controller to be unreachable for about 30-60 seconds.


if you see that there are just 1 or 2 sessions in the list and you are getting the error you mentioned, then append the word "core" to the process restart above, restart it - see if it recovers, then raise  a case with the corefile as to why you got locked out before you hit full sessions




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