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SSID Configuration

Hi guys

Which command display all configurations on created SSID ?



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Re: SSID Configuration



"show run"


Then search for the SSID-Profile you want to check.

There you will find all configurations and changes made in the profile.




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Re: SSID Configuration

show wlan ssid-profile <name-of-profile>



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Re: SSID Configuration

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Though both answers above are correct it realy depends on your understanding and wording.


If you want to see all the configuration applied to the 'ssid profile' then Clembo is correct. If you however want to see all the configuration regarding the SSID you have in the air (including authentication, encryption, ...) you will want to look into the 'virtual-ap profile':

#show wlan virtual-ap 
#show wlan virtual-ap <profile>

You'll see there's a ton of profiles and setting that make up that virtual-ap profile, which all make up the configuration of an SSID as you connect to it.


The most important are the aaa profile and the ssid-profile:

#show wlan ssid-profile
#show wlan ssid-profile <profile>
#show aaa profile 
#show aaa profile <profile>

It doesn't end there however since these profiles can include other profiles themselves.



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