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Secondary SSID

Whats the quickest was to add a secondary SSID (broacast at the same time as our primary SSID that requires no authentication for a last minute event? I only need it to be broacast from two specific APs.


(I have protested the no authentication part but was over ruled for this event)

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Re: Secondary SSID

You may use the WLAN Wizard to create a new SSID. It will guide you through the settings. If you only want to use two APs to broadcast this SSID then you should create a new AP group with the WLAN wizard and after you finished it you need to provision the required APs to this AP group. You can do this in the configuration - AP Installation menu.

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Re: Secondary SSID

If you prefer CLI or don't want to provision the APs to new groups, here is an alternative.  This will create an Open SSID named SSIDName.  Connected clients will be assigned the "authenticated" role.   I've also added the snippet to apply this Virtual AP to 2 APs of your choice.  Replace quoted items as necessary.  Add other settings as necessary, band-steering, bc/mc optimization, etc.


wlan ssid-profile "open-ssid"

  essid "SSIDName"


aaa profile "open-aaa"
  initial-role "authenticated"


wlan virtual-ap "open-vap"

  aaa-profile "open-aaa"

  ssid-profile "open-ssid"

  vlan "111"


ap-name "AP1Name"

  virtual-ap "open-vap"


ap-name "AP2Name"

  virtual-ap "open-vap"


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