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Set Specific Channel on AP-105

Is there a way to set the 2.4GHz radio on an AP-105 to a specific channel (ie 1, 6, 11)? I looked in the config but have not come up with anything.

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Re: Set Specific Channel on AP-105

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You would have to create a new ap-group.  You would also have to create a new regulatory domain profile that only has that single channel and assign it to that ap-group.  Reprovision the access point to that new ap-group.


Alternatively, you can create an AP-Specific configuration and create a new Regulatory domain profile for that AP-Specific Configuration.


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Re: Set Specific Channel on AP-105



Here is one method, for the specific AP in question:


1.  Turn off ARM channel changing (set to maintain)

2.  Set Default channel in dot11g Radio Profile to the desired 1,6,11


99.9% of the time I would just let Aruba ARM do-its-thing and select the best channel... remember the RF environment is constantly changing, the AP needs to 'keep up'.




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Re: Set Specific Channel on AP-105



you means diable ARM assignment? and in the regulatory domain profile, choose the channel value which I expert?

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