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Setup of rap having controller in data center and rap across mpls network

Newbie to Aruba. We have recently pourchased two 650 controllers and several ap105 ap. Our goal is to setup the controllers in our data centers(in redundant/failover mode) and then have the rap in our office locations. There is mpls connectivity between all sites. I am looking for some direction on how we should best set this up? I have yet to find any clear cut instructions on how to set this up. We will have a Internal User ssid( that we want users to be directed to our juniper ras device for auth) and a guest ssid which we want users proxied via our bluecoat proxy server. Thanks for any guidance/help.

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Re: Setup of rap having controller in data center and rap across mpls network

along5664 , here is your strategy:


1. Get instructions on how to setup your Juniper RAS device as  a radius server for PEAP (the ArubaOS user Guide has config information for Microsoft IAS, if you want to use that instead).

2.  Setup your Juniper RAS device as a Radius Server (Configuration> Security> Authentication> Radius Server> Add)

3.  Test your Juniper RAS device with user credentials using AAA test-server (Diagnostics> AAA Test-Server).

4.  Run the WLAN/LAN Wizard (Config > WLAN Wizard) and configure a WPA2-AES SSID that points to the existing radius server that you setup in #2

5.  Setup an a-record of "aruba-master"  in DNS and point the ip address at your controller so that your APs find your controller.

6.  When we get everything above, we can discuss the remote strategy.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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