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Short Flat Ethernet cables

Does anyone know who the manufacturer of these 4inch ethernet cables is?  They come with the AP-220-MNT-W3 wall mount adaptors that I ordered recently.  I think if I could find who makes them, and I could order a 1ft version that this would be the perfect cable to use for hanging an AP-325 on a drop ceiling.  Not having a boot means it wouldn't push up the tile, and being flat there would often be enough room that it could go around the edge of the tile behind the AP without needing a hole to be cut in the tile.  Any cables that I find when I search google for flat 1ft ethernet cables have about an inch of boot before the cable will bend flat.


Re: Short Flat Ethernet cables

It's a custom cable we have made for us in China.

As an alternative, you could consider a patch cable with a 90 degrees angled RJ45 plug, like this one:


I have not trioed these, but would think they work.

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Re: Short Flat Ethernet cables

That one is round so I'd still have to cut the tile.  It's a good idea, though, I'll try searching for a flat cable that has a right angle connector.

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Re: Short Flat Ethernet cables

I'd try asking the folks at monoprice.com.  They don't have any standard part listed that quite matches what you want, but they do have zeroboot connects (ie, no lump stress relief that would make the cable stick out too far) and they do offer the same flat patch cord stock. It's entirely possible they could put together something matching what you need.

Re: Short Flat Ethernet cables

You can try purchasing them from China directly, for example here.


0.3m / 30 cm = 1 ft (approx).

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