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Sponsored Guest - Receipt Page Timeout

I have a customer that uses Sponsored Guest. On occasion, the Guest user will close the Captive Portal page while they wait for the Sponsor to approve the account. Soemtime this is due to the Sponsor taking a long time to get around to approving the account and sometimes they just close the page. This has led to frustrations from both the Guests and the Sponsors. The Guest due to having to complete the information more than once and the Sponsor due to the additional Sponsor request emails. 


I was going to suggest having the Guest receipt be emailed to the Guest however in these facilities, there is no cellular therfor they cannot check email without being on the network. I could open up SMTP on the Guest network but I am curious what others have done to address this situationj. 

Re: Sponsored Guest - Receipt Page Timeout

In situations like this it might be worth changing the sponsor email address to be someone or a team of people who are more likely to activate the guests account more promptly.

Maybe a receptionist? A receptionist should be aware of which guests have arrived so are the prime candidate for this.

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Re: Sponsored Guest - Receipt Page Timeout

Thanks James. I suspected there wasnt a techinical way to solve this. I will discuss this with the customer. Thanks for the response. 

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