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Swap 93H eth0 and eth1 so you can flush mount an AP

I want to flush mount a 93H to a concrete wall and connect it via ports eth1-4 instead of eth0 on the back.  


I will power the AP by connecting it to a power adapter on the bottom, not Poe.  


Usually, in this situation you connect eth0 on the back to the passthrough so that you can connect the AP via the passthrough on the bottom of the AP.  In this case, there is not enough room behind the AP to do this because I cant cut a hole in the wall.


What I would like to do is change the AP to connect to the network using eth1,2,3 or 4.  Is there any way to do this?







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Re: Swap 93H eth0 and eth1 so you can flush mount an AP

No - the 93H's uplink is fixed.  

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