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Tool for Sizing WLAN



I saw in the aruba site, a tool to scale a WLAN according to the workspace. Does anyone know the link of this?

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Re: Tool for Sizing WLAN

Are you referring to VisualRF Plan?



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Re: Tool for Sizing WLAN

Hi Tim,


No, it's an option on the site where I entry office data such as size, number of users and it returns with the equipment they serve.

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Re: Tool for Sizing WLAN

This is the only other item that I know about:



Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | timcappalli.me | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480

Re: Tool for Sizing WLAN

you know it depend of many element

  1. Speed rate desired
  2. The environment
  3. the Area


i don’t think that this kind of tools exist , but

Generally commercial recommend

1 AP for 20 users

1 AP for 200 m²


with your own experience you can create an EXEL script how do this work.


And as said by capplari, VisuelRF is a very good tool, and you have to know that after the positioning it give you a bull of materiel how is very useful



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Re: Tool for Sizing WLAN


If i were you, i woud use the first tool that  Tim  gave you.  Its more accurate, you just need the autocad plans or the plans on PDF.  There are also videos which tells you how to use it.


The other is just too general, the one you want.   Because it will all depend on the envirment...

The densitty and other things.   A good survey is not that easy.  If you want the wifi work properly you need to do a properly survey otherwise you would have trouble, in which if you do you wont have issues.




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Re: Tool for Sizing WLAN

Hi, thank you all!


I was talking about it:  http://cloud.arubanetworks.com/plan


This was just to give an idea for resale, but I know that is not for a survey ..


I'm studying more VisualRF


Tks again!



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