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Transmission Power considered for mesh links.



What is the transmission power comes into consideration for mesh links.

I have the mesh portals configured for a radio profile with arm disabled and static Tx power of 18 dBm.

Is this 18 dBms only applicable to "AP" to "client" communitcation or even to the "mesh node" to "mesh node" communication?

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Re: Transmission Power considered for mesh links.

Both. The transmit power would depend on how much the beam is focused. A focused (directional) antenna would require less power than an Omni to form and maintain a reliable connection. Too much power could lead to distortion and lower throughput, however.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Transmission Power considered for mesh links.

From your response concluding that there wont be unique tx powers for Mesh node to mesh node communciation and Mesh node to client client communication, its the same Tx power that applies to both.


Thanks for your super fast prompt responses :)

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