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Transmit Power


As per the  aruba vrd  transmit power recommendation are below  .  Does it mean we do have to manually set each ap , ARM does not change the power automatically depends on the spectrum ? 


Open Office:
5 GHz: Min 12/Max 15
2.4 GHz: Min 6/Max 9
Walled Office or Classroom:
5 GHz: Min 15/Max 18
2.4 GHz: Min 6/Max 9




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Re: Transmit Power

You would generally have a bunch of ARM profiles with different ranges and then apply them to different groups. 

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Re: Transmit Power



That means you set the ARM min TX and arm Max TX power to those numbers for each band.  ARM will determine the proper power for each access point.  You do not have to set it manually for each AP, no.


Colin Joseph
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