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Trunk VLAN Trusting best practices?

What would be the best practices when considering trusting vlans on a trunk port? 

My uplink to the router is a trunk. I have the option to trust vlans. I trust this link because it is my router directly connected. 

Why would I want to individually trust vlans as opposed to trusting all vlans?

Or put another way, why would I want to untrust vlans?

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Re: Trunk VLAN Trusting best practices?

By default, all VLANs on a trunk are trusted.  You would "untrust" a VLAN on a trunk if you wanted wired users only on that wired VLAN to get a captive portal when that wired  user traffic is coming into the controller, for example.  99% of the time it would be the default, which is trusted and passing traffic 

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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