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Upgrade ArubaOS on 650 controller via USB

Hi, trying to upgrade the ArubaOS on a 650 controller. Using TFTP across our management system is not an option so I'm trying to upgrade via USB. I've come across articles stating: 


When the controller is then in cpboot> prompt, you can load the image from external USB via

eg. cpboot> bootf 1:1 ArubaOS_6xx_6.3.1.12_46311


How do you tell the controller were the external USB drive is located? i.e. what does 1:1 mean - which is the usb?


I've got a 650 on my desk and I'm connected to it via console cable with the USB plugged directly into the controller (a lab setup to test before production changes). I'm having no luck at all. Is USB all functionality removed as part of ArubaOS 6.x ?


Is what I'm trying todo even possible?



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Re: Upgrade ArubaOS on 650 controller via USB



The command you are trying is correct, but i'm guessing that the controller is unable to read the USB.

How did you format the USB prior to the test?


Try to format the USB with vfat option, it's just FAT (not FAT32).

vfat is an extension to support long filenames, which i recon you will need here.


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Re: Upgrade ArubaOS on 650 controller via USB

Thanks Roar, 


I had used FAT32, I'll try with just FAT when I get into the office tomorrow.

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Re: Upgrade ArubaOS on 650 controller via USB

Makes no difference unfortunately. 


Still get the following;


cpboot> bootf 1:1 ArubaOS_6xx_6.3.1.1_40563 (OS to mimic production controller)
- Boot ELF file from FLASH image (0/1)



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